We have been searching for a sustainable sunglass brand to join the K,D family, and when we came across Local Supply we knew it was a match made in heaven.

Made from castor bean plants, Local Supply are disrupting the industry offering on trend, high quality and high value glasses that do not harm the planet, creating a positive change in the current fashion climate.

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Fashion Matters Protest - Kindly, Darling Sustainable Boutique

5 Sustainable Certifications & What They Mean

In regards to what qualifies a label to be sustainable, there is unfortunatly no all encompassing standard or certification to ensure a label is sustainable, but in fact, over 30 different certifications and systems. This can lead to lots of confusion, and also leaves a lot of room for greenwashing, a term that refers to businesses who make people believe that their company is doing more for the environment and people than it really is.

We have broken down 5 ethical and eco-friendly certifications and what they mean so that you can be more informed when you shop, and can get a bit of an understanding what goes on behind the scenes to obtain different certifications. 

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P.E Nation & Outland Denim Spring Outfit | Kindly, Darling Sustainable Boutique

Spring Fashion Tips

Spring has finally arrived, and the lovely sun filled days and crisp nights are a welcome refresh for us and our wardrobe. Our top Spring fashion tips for this season are to look for light and bright colours, light-weight knits and pieces that can handle the fluctuating temperature that the Spring time can bring. 

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Melbourne Fashion Week Runway - Image Eliza May Creative

Our Top 5 Sustainable Podcasts

Interested in learning more about sustainability but don't know where to start?

We have compiled 5 of our favourite sustainable podcasts on fashion and general sustainability for you to binge on your daily commute- trust us these will have you sitting in your car when you get home to keep listening- you won't want to turn them off.

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P.E Nation Conscious Nation | Kindly, Darling Sustainable Boutique

Can Recycled Fabrics Help Our Environmental Impact?

The 22nd of August was Earth Overshoot day 2020. This means that we have now consumed our global natural budget for 2020. With the fashion industry being one of the highest pillagers of precious natural resources, could recycled fabrics be an answer to societies infinite appetite to create and buy new products?

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Celia Loves Goddess Candles | Kindly, Darling Sustainable Boutique

BRAND FOCUS: Celia Loves Candles

Celia Loves swoon-worthy scents take you from stressed to serene in moments. Handpoured in Melbourne with pure soy wax, its no wonder they are an all time favourite at Kindly, Darling. With intoxicating fragrances like Japanese Honeysuckle,  Lychee & Guava and Strawberry Champagne - we can't keep them on the shelves.

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Pink Closet

5 Tips on How to Store Your Clothes

Proper storage of clothing not only makes getting dressed easier as its less of a battle finding what to wear in an organised wardrobe, but by carefully hanging, folding and packing your garments, it also guarantees a longer lifespan. Our 5 tips on how to store your clothes will help keep your clothes shape, stop mould and moths, hold onto your clothing's financial value as well as avoiding landfill for longer.

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