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4 Ways To Save Your Clothes From Early Retirement

4 Ways To Save Your Clothes From Early Retirement

It's true what they say, loved clothes last. These days, however, we tend to show our love through cleaning them… a little too much, which in turn sends them into an early retirement .

When it comes to our clothes, how we look after them really does matter, both to  them and our environment.

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Did you know:
    • Our clean freak mentality is wasting water and energy, with the typical household using 20% of all water use in the laundry. Not to mention the cocktail of toxic chemicals we force feed our marine life and waterways from our detergents, softeners & stain removers. 
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      Here are 4 ways you can save your wardrobe from an early retirement:

      1. Check the garment care labels on your clothing and follow the advice. 
      This will help save the life of your favourite ensembles.

      2.Become an expert in stain removing. 
      A general rule is the quicker the better. Get onto a stain fast to prevent it fixing.

      3. Ditch nasty chemicals.
       Lots of common stains and smells can be removed by using simple ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen like vinegar and bicarb soda.

      4. Don’t be a slave to your washing machine.
      Many pieces don’t require washing after every wear. Simply hanging on the line to air & spritzing with  some refresh spray can give you a few extra wears. Similarly, if you get a pesky stain on something you can spot clean the affected area instead of washing the whole garment.

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