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5 Tips on How to Store Your Clothes

5 Tips on How to Store Your Clothes

padded or wood hangers to ensure your clothes don't get damaged over time. Padded hangers are the best for your ultra delicate pieces like chiffon and silk and wooden hangers are great all rounders for everything else. Hangers with clips for bottoms are handy but you might also need to add a layer of fabric so they don't leave marks on your pieces.

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Tip Two: Hang or Fold?

It’s important to know which clothes to fold and which ones to hang. Knitwear and heavier items with thin straps can be damaged and stretched out of shape when hung. Fold and stack knit wear with the heaviest at the bottom and lightest at the top

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Tip Three: Cedar Wood and Lavender

The old school mothballs are definitely a scent we don't want to be wearing throughout the winter months- a nicer and natural alternative is using cedar wood or cedar wood oil sachets in amoungst your knitwear to prevent damage from moths and silverfish - and is also great for suits as it absorbs moisture from every day wear.

Don't pop cedar wood near leather or fur though as it dries it out- instead a nice sachet of lavender will help keep those garments fresh and moth free.

Cedarwood Moth Balls | Kindly, Darling Sustainable Blog

Tip Four: Let Your Clothes Breathe

A well organise closet can also help in the longevity of your pieces, as clothes need air to circulate. Overstuffed wardrobes can damage clothes by making them wrinkled, misshapen and even mouldy. Keep a system of regularly going through your wardrobe. Get rid of any pieces that don't fit or are damaged ( through sustainable methods like donating responsibly, gifting, mending and re purposing damaged items beyond repair into things like rags) If you don't have enough room for your clothes start storing your off season clothes in non- airtight storage boxes ( remember clothes need to breathe )

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Tip Five: Keep Your Shoes and Bags in Shape

We often neglect our shoes - but they also need tender loving care in order for us to enjoy them longer. Stuff shoes with newspaper and store upright- the same goes for our bags- pack old t-shirts or pieces that you were going to throw away in them and wrap in a cloth to protect them and avoid scratching them.

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