A Letter From Co Founders, Libby & Ali

A Letter From Co Founders, Libby & Ali

A Letter From Co Founders, Libby & Ali

To Our K,D Darlings,

 It's been a tough start to the new decade, particularly for Australians. With most of the country in drought, and unprecedented bush fires nation wide, we are now experience the global COIVD-19 pandemic. But if these challenging times have shown us anything it is that in times of crisis, Australians are a resilient people who support each other.

We want to assure everyone that we are taking the appropriate health and safety measures in store as outlined by NSW health. The health & safety of our customers is paramount.

At this stage K,D HQ will continue to operate normal hours. We are very lucky to be in a regional area that so far has no reported cases of corona virus. We will continue to monitor this. 

We are introducing new shipping options that we will relay to you in coming days, particularly in relation to people in our local area that would prefer to stay away from populated areas.

Due to the current restrictions with regards to gatherings, we will be postponing currently planned instore events, however we will be offering events online - benefits of the digital age.

Kindly, Darling was our dream that we turned into a reality, and it appears we have entered the market place at a very trying time. However we know with your continued support, in whatever form it comes, Kindly, Darling will continue to grow & thrive. 

Our biggest hope is that during this time we all choose kindness.

If at any time you have questions for us please contact us via the following methods:

Phone: (02) 6977 1620

Email: info@kindlydarling.com

Get in touch via our socials.


Libby & Ali xx


  • Keep up the good work xx

    Jillian Dale on

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