Ali & Libby's Top Sustainable Tips

Ali & Libby's Top Sustainable Tips

Ali & Libby's Top Sustainable Tips

Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

We know all too well how overwhelming this term can be, especially the idea of trying to completely overhaul our lives to be sustainable. So we thought we would share our achievable tips on being more sustainable in every day life.

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Our first big tip is don't try and overhaul everything in your life straight away- you want to make sustainability a habit in your day to day life, and biting of more than you can chew will just end badly. Start with something small, make it routine and go from there. And remember, we all human, we are not perfect.

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Tip 1. Recycle

This might sound like such a basic tip, but so many of us don't recycle, particularly if you live in a town like Temora where there is no such thing as a recycling bin or recycling pick up. Make the conscious effort to recycle anything that can be. If you are unsure about what you can recycle or where recycling depots are in your area check out the links below:

NetWaste: What Can & Can't be Recycled

NSW: Find CRCs

 Tip 2. Shop Consciously

All it takes is a few extra seconds to really think about what you are buying. Make sure you check the care label for what material the item is made from. Is it Polyester or Nylon? Could you find an alternative in a natural fibre? Do you know where it is made? Just asking a few more questions about where your clothes are made and what from can make such a big change. 

Tip 3. Look After Your Clothes So They Last Longer

Super obvious? Maybe, but it's so important. Buying better quality clothing will, of course, mean they are likely to last longer, and you are likely to treat them with the love they deserve because they cost you more. But you should treat everything you have in your wardrobe, regardless of price, with love so you need to replace them less often. Read the care instructions, dry your items in the shade to avoid fading, wash less (yes over-washing is BAD), and just take more care. 

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Tip 1. Make a habit out of taking your keep cup with you. 

Its estimated that the average take away coffee cup takes about 50 years to break down, and so choosing to swap out the take away cup for your own keep cup can massively reduce your environmental impact. To start Ali recommends chatting with your regular coffee haunt and make your barista an accountability buddy. Also some cafes are obliging in letting you  leave a cup with them- that way even if you forget your cup they have one for you.

Tip 2. Do a wardrobe overhaul.

A great way to become more sustainable is by avoiding buying excess clothing. If you know what pieces you already have in your wardrobe, you will avoid buying your 5th black sweater and instead, you can invest consciously in the gaps in your wardrobe. So get in there and get rid of ( by donating, selling or giving away) all the pieces that don't fit or spark joy as Marie Kondo would say.

Tip 3. Invest in a compost, worm farm or chooks.

Did you know that food scraps generate methane gas when placed in landfills?Depending on the space you have or where you live these options are great to reuse your food scraps, and the kids will love feeding the worm farm or chooks!!  Compost is fabulous for the garden, even if your garden is potted plants, plus you can feel good that your properly composted scraps are producing carbon dioxide instead of methane gas!

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