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Can Recycled Fabrics Help Our Environmental Impact?

Can Recycled Fabrics Help Our Environmental Impact?

Earth Overshoot day 2020. This means that we have now consumed our global natural budget for 2020. With the fashion industry being one of the highest pillagers of precious natural resources, could recycled fabrics be an answer to societies infinite appetite to create and buy new products?

Some of our favourite labels at Kindly, Darling are taking conscious steps to reduce their impact on the environment through utilising regenerated fibres.

P.E Nation Rematch Jacket

P.E Nation Rematch Jacket  & Cross over short 

Cult favourite, P.E Nation launched their conscious nation edit in 2019 with now close to half of their range constructed in-line with their conscious nations ethos, and utilising fabrics such as ECONYL (r) and PET recycled fabrics in sustainable journey they are committed to building on into the future.

P.E Nation Rematch Jacket and Cross over short

Gypsy Boho label Arnhem are dedicated to producing their pieces with the best fibres for the planet with an impressive 98% of the fibres they used last quarter being sustainable. Fabrics like Lenzing Tencel and Ecovero, cellulose fibres that are derived from renewable wood pulp, as well as ECONYL (r) regenerated nylon. 


So what are some of these recycled and regenerated fabrics ? 

ECONYL (r)  is a regenerated nylon that takes nylon waste like fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring and industrial plastic from landfills and oceans around the world and transforms it - meaning you can create new products without having to use new resources.

LENZING - is a group of fibre types such as Lenzing Tensel and Lenzing Eco Vero, that are derived from nature  by dissolving wood pulp - with all Lenzing standard lyocell and modal fibre types certified as compostable and biodegradable. 

rPET - PET plastic is the most common type of plastic which uses crude oil and natural fasses to create. ( not the best for mother nature ) however, it is a highly recyclable plastic, and as there is already more than enough PET plastic on earth, its a great idea to salvage it and create recycled polyester or rPET as it is known. 

Just remember that whilst recycled and regenerated fabrics are a great alternate to producing virgin fabrics - they can still emit micro plastics when washed so make sure you wash them in a Guppyfriend Bag or with a Cora Ball - these will collect all the microfibres in the machine!!

Guppyfriend Washing Bag


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