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4 Ways You Can Help Empower ALL Women

4 Ways You Can Help Empower ALL Women

Its been over 100 years since the first International Women's Day was held in America honouring garment worker strikes against poor working conditions, sexual harassment and low wages. It seems that not much has changed since 1909.

Today, women still make up the majority of garment workers across the world, and echoing the voices of their sisterhood past, are still some of the lowest paid workers in the world. In Bangladesh in 2018, garment workers only made 39 cents an hour. That is not enough for adequate housing, food, medical bills or education. At the other end, huge corporations and brands are making the big bucks, providing first world women with clothes as they fight for empowerment. Can anyone see the twisted irony in all of this?

How can we claim to be empowering women, if when we are empowering women in one region, we are exploiting them in another?

You have the power to change this and together we can empower ALL women. Below are a four ways to help the sisterhood.

 1. Your dollar is your vote - use it wisely. Think before you buy, and shop with ethical brands that pay their workers a LIVING wage, not a "minimum wage" (cause we all know you can't live on 39cents)

2. Have a movie night with your friends and learn more about the truth behind the clothes we wear. Here are a few fab titles to watch:

THE TRUE COST (available on i-tunes)

RIVERBLUE (available on amazon prime)

MINIMALISM (available on netflix) 

3. Download the 'Good on you' App. Type in your favourite brands to see how they measure up in regards to people and the planet.

4. Write an email to your favourite brands and ask for transparency. The cult conscious label 'Spell and the Gypsy Collective' started their sustainable journey after they received an email asking about their ethics and environmental impact- so it goes to show that one person can cause huge change for the better.
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