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Fashion Revolution Week 2020

Fashion Revolution Week 2020

Fashion Revolution Week, is held annually on the anniversary of one of the worlds worst industrial accidents on record, the collapse of the Rana Plaza Textile factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Killing at least 1,132 people and injuring more than 2,500. This devastating event awoke the world to the poor labour conditions faced by workers in the garment industry in not just Bangladesh but the world.

Rana Plaza Disaster Bangladesh

And thus, every year on the anniversary of this tragic event we campaign for systematic change in the fashion industry. Not just for people but for our planet. 

The fashion industry is just as detrimental to our planet as it can be to our people. Considered by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), to be the second most polluting industry in the world - something HAS to change.

The climate emergency we are currently in is not going away without action. 

ask brands - whats in my clothes?

At Kindly, Darling we stock only sustainable labels - ethically made, eco-friendly & transparent. Doing our part to help you shop more consciously for your fashion. 

This Fashion Revolution Week we take a behind the scenes look at two of our labels and the roles they are taking to better the fashion industry & move away from it's destructive past. 

Outland Denim

 The worlds most sustainable denim label, Outland Denim have to be one of the most incredible labels we stock. 

Outland Denim The People's Brand

Outland Denim began as a means for victims of sexual exploitation to engage in safe, dignified employment as they rebuilt their lives and has since widened to accept employees of varying backgrounds of vulnerability.

Cambodian Staff from Outland Denim
Staff from Outland Denim's Cambodian Factory. Top left to right: Horng, Shuly, Theary & Sithy.

Their holistic approach to employment includes four pillars: training, opportunity, a living wage & education. Proving that a sustainable career path is the key to true social change in not only the lives of their staff but their families & communities. 


Pocket Lining Messages in Outland Denim's jeans

On the pocket lining of every pair of Outland Denim jeans is a message from one of the women who made your clothes.

The brand also recognised that social & environmental responsibilities go hand in hand. With the original aim to be 100% socially responsible it became clear that they also had a responsibility to clean up the denim industries dirty reputation

As a company Outland Denim invest heavily into ensuring their denim makes as little footprint as possible from start to finish. Using organic cotton to create their denim as well as developing their own in house wash system that includes industry leading energy & water reducing technology. 

Outland Denim Innovation in denim environmental standards

Outland Denim is a company that we can all look towards this Fashion Revolution Week as ones forging the way.

Auguste The Label


At Auguste the Label, it’s not just about the clothes and it never has been. This is a label that is attempting to create a positive change in the fashion industry.

Cotton fabric dress by Auguste the Label

They are constantly taking steps to improve environmental and ethical processes, so Auguste can be as sustainable as possible. From their fabrics to their factories, packaging and charities they support. It's one massive operation - and they are proud to share the journey with everyone.

UN Women - one of the charities Auguste Support


One of the charities supported by Auguste the Label - UN Women.
Auguste is a brand that aims to be transparent, enter a conversation and give credit where credit is due. They want you to ask the questions. To understand your clothing’s journey and change the way we shop for a better future.

Auguste ensures all garments are made fairly & safely and they always have been. 

Meet their makers:

Auguste Meet the Makers
Auguste Meet the Makers 2

 Auguste Meet the Makers 3

auguste the label 4

Auguste Meet the Makers 5
 This Fashion Revolution week remember that you can be the change!

Take action this fashion revolution week and ask the questions

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