Kindly, Darling Turns One

Kindly, Darling Turns One

Kindly, Darling Turns One

Safe to say our first year in business has been one wild ride.

Kindly, Darling was a dream that we turned into a reality. And even now we pinch ourselves that it actually came to fruition. But it's been a hell of a tough first year and, like most businesses at this time, it's only getting tougher. 

Our first hurdle was opening our business during a drought. Living in an agricultural community this has a massive effect on the whole towns economy, so it definitely wasn't one of the best years to start a new business in a small country town. 

We then had two major events late in the year one after the other. Wonderful, amazing events. Ali gave birth to her gorgeous 4th child Ollie, and Libby married the love of her life. Wonderful events, but not so easy to manage with a new business and funding for staff at a non-existent level. 

The bush fires came next. Australia's worst bush fires in history, affecting so many states and so many people. A horrific time that made us not even want to promote sales of our product when so many were going through such terrible times.

And now, a world wide pandemic, the Corona Virus. Which has led to us needing to close the doors to our store and may eventuate in a global financial crisis, having even more lasting effects on our business. 

So yeh, that's our first year as a business. Pretty insane when you read it all back. But hey if we can survive all this...


On a lighter note we wanted to share some images of K,D HQ from where it started to where it is now. We are pretty chuffed to see just how far it's come.

The shop front as it looked when we first took it on.

K,D HQ before renos

Inside the store - post carpet being removed.

K,D HQ interior before renovations

First rolls of paint going on - yes we painted ALL of this ourselves.

Ali painting blue walls whiteAli painting blue walls white

Opening Night with our Original Logo.

Original Logo on window front

Image credit: Peppermint Studios

Lots of pretty blooms from our amazing, supportive friends & family.

Inside newly painted pink floors

Image credit: Peppermint Studios

Our beloved safe - yes we painted it pink.

Freshly painted pink safe

Image credit: Peppermint Studios

We started out extremely minimal

Libby at K,D HQ counter

Image credit: Eliza May Creative

And racks on the floor to start had many people question if we were just a pop up.

Temporary racks in K,D HQ

Image credit: Eliza May Creative

And current updates to our store including new hanging racks and shelving.

New Hanging Racks & Shelving in K,D HQ
Hanging Rack inside K,D HQ

We are starting to look more and more like a stand alone boutique with a permanent place.

We have lots more in store for our physical space and Kindly, Darling the business that we can't wait to share with you all. 

But for now we will toast ourselves and the crazy year we have had, and dream of the amazing things to come.

Libby & Ali xx




  • Congratulations darlings on your first year … you have done an amazing job and developed a great business xx

    Jillian Dale on

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