We have been searching for a sustainable sunglasses brand to join the K,D family, and when we came across Local Supply we knew it was a match made in heaven.

Local Supply AMS Sunglasses | Kindly, Darling Sustainable Boutique

 Local Supply AMS polarised sunglasses in torte

Made from castor bean plants, Local Supply are disrupting the industry offering on trend, high quality and high value glasses that do not harm the planet, creating a positive change in the current fashion climate.

Local Supply PAR Polarised Sunglasses

Local Supply PAR Polarised Sunglasses 

Here are just a few reasons why we love them:

- Their signature plant based resin used to make the frames are derived from castor beans and made in Switzerland in a facility thats powered by biofuels meaning 50% less carbon emissions than crude oil based plastic.

Local Supply STO Polarised Sunglasses | Kindly, Darling

Local Supply STO Polarised Sunglasses in Pearl

-They regularly audit their production processes and facilities to ensure that everyone in the supply chain are being paid and treated fairly.

- They offer an end of life recycling program with TerraCycle so customers can return old frames to ensure they are recycled and kept out of landfill.

- They create considered collections, viewing their product as a supply, they create their glasses to be timeless so they can serve you for years to come 

Local Supply AMS Polarised Sunglasses in Black  

 Local Supply AMS Polarised Sunglasses in black                


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