Could Personal Style Equal A Sustainable Wardrobe?

Could Personal Style Equal A Sustainable Wardrobe?

Could Personal Style Equal A Sustainable Wardrobe?

why we wear what we wear? Could developing and embracing our personal style be the key to creating a sustainable wardrobe?

Fashion psychology is an interesting topic which suggests our personal style choices are not random, but are in-fact, a result of our inner needs and desires. Anabel Maldonado, psychologist and founder of The Psychology of Fashion platform explores the patterns between personality traits and aesthetic choices. 

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If we take a quick look into our wardrobes, more often that not they will consist of a certain palette, and similar clothing styles that make us feel comfortable, happy and safe. The odd pieces that are the exception to the rule tend to sit in the back of the wardrobe as they make us feel unattractive or uncomfortable, or essentially not "us". Anabel Maldonado talks about this concept as being in or out of alignment with our personal style.

By recognising and developing our unique personal style, we will not only save money, but also create a more sustainable wardrobe, as we will recognise the styles and colours that suit us, and we won't be a slave to current trends. 

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Here are some tips to develop your personal style and sustainable wardrobe:

1. Walk into your wardrobe and identify all the pieces that you wear on high rotation, your 'uniform' as such. What is similar about them? Are they the same silhouettes or colours? Understanding the similarities between the pieces we constantly wear will help you understand the styles that make you happy.

2. Does your wardrobe reflect your lifestyle? What activities are apart of your everyday lifestyle? For example are you someone that has a whole rack of high heels but don't attend enough events to wear them? When we work our what activities and occasions are apart of our everyday lifestyle we can start building a wardrobe to suit.

3. What colours are you drawn to? Check out the meanings behind certain colours and how they can help your style alignment. 

4. To really do an overhaul on our wardrobe and personal style, the book " The Curated Closet" by Anuschka Rees, will assist you developing a simple system to identify your personal style and build your dream sustainable wardrobe.

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