Update: A Letter from Co Founders Libby & Ali

Update: A Letter from Co Founders Libby & Ali

Update: A Letter from Co Founders Libby & Ali

To Our K,D Darlings,

What an insane time it is to be alive.

We see no point in re-hashing details about COVID19 when everyone already knows it all. And if you don't, go back to living off the grid - it's safer there.

We did, however, want to update you about decisions we have made for our business.

Stage 1 of the new social distancing regime has been announced and at this stage no restrictions have been put into place for retail stores such as ours. We have decided, however, to close our doors and trade as a solely online business.

Whilst the proceeds from our bricks and mortar store are important to our business, we believe it would be unconscionable for us to continue to operate our business this way when we have the ability to operate online.

For this reason, we will be offering a more extensive free home delivery service to our region, as well as discounted shipping on all orders. Details can be found via our shipping page.

Please note all orders & home deliveries will be handled with the upmost care & hygiene standards. We recommend disposing of outer packaging immediately after opening and washing your hands.

Social distancing & good hygiene are going to be the best ways to reduce this virus from spreading at a rate our medical system cannot handle.

This is going to be one hell of a hard year for us all.

Be kind.

Libby & Ali xx


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