Why Smitten Inc is Pure Magic

Why Smitten Inc is Pure Magic

Why Smitten Inc is Pure Magic

When it comes to must have fashion, you don't need to venture to the high street or travel to Milan, you need only check out the latest highly coveted collection from Smitten Inc.


Smitten Inc is synonymous with tailored lines and bright bold fabric design. Made with love, the high quality pieces will become wardrobe staples for years to come.

The latest drop to Kindly, Darling is a vibrant marriage of Smitten Inc's Australian botanical inspired fabric design, a collaboration with artist Katherine Hall, and bold Marrimekko stipe fabric. 


Heidi Castleden, the designer and maker of Smitten Inc says her love of sewing stems back to her childhood. "Falling asleep to the sound of the sewing machine," she says, "I'd wake up to the dress I'd imagined when Mum had let me choose the fabric and pattern just days before. Pure magic to a little girl". It's only fitting that Heidi has continued the legacy of creating pieces of fashion magic, full of love and happiness that make you smile.






  • Beautiful designs made from unique, quality fabric.

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  • Absolutely gorgeous pieces in stunning colours.

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