FREE shipping on all domestic orders over $100 & international orders over $300
FREE shipping on all domestic orders over $100 & international orders over $300


Here you can find all the info you want to know about us. From our "it's cool to be kind attitude" to our empowerment of women, hosting a virtual riot through the labels we stock and the messages we support. Home made signs and all.

Loving Labels

Kindly, Darling was created to help you shop sustainably with ease. We've done the research so you don't have to. Our labels all meet the following requirements.

+ Use environmentally friendly or recycled fabrics and materials.

+ Pay every one in their supply chain a living wage.

+ Always strive to do better & be better both for the environment & people.

Just like you & us, our labels aren't perfect. But the labels we are working with are always striving to do the best they can to reverse the current wardrobe crisis that is killing our planet.

Find Out More

Want to know more about a particular label? Click the links below to find out more and shop their collection.

+ Arthur Apparel + Chasing Sundays + Collective Closets + Dharma Bums

+ Kildary Valley + Luk Beautifood  + Nimble Activewar + Outland Denim

+ Palm Collective + Smitten Inc + St Prin + Theo the Label + Will & Bear + Zoe.O the Label

Saving The Planet

Did you know the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world? Gross. We are trying to reverse the trend.

+ We use sustainable packaging for all postage. Made of plant materials, toxic free and they break down easily in your green waste. Check out Better Packaging Co. for more info.

+ We are partnered with Carbon Neutral to reduce our gas house emissions and restore the environment.

+ Lobbyists for Australias first 100% post consumer recycled paper, Black Rainbow Sustainable Printing is our go to for all stationary supplies.


We use keep cups for our coffee, bring our lunches in beeswax wraps, sit on second hand chairs, and had our store made from second hand building materials. It's all about minimising our environmental impact at K,D HQ.

When it comes to recycling - our local council does not offer recycling pick up - HORRIFIC, we know (but we're working on it). So we take all our recyclables to depots ourselves. And any compost-able waste goes home with us into our family composts.

WARNING: we are human, so it's always a work in progress. 


Meet the Co-Founders of Kindly, Darling - Ali & Libby

With extensive histories in the fashion & beauty industries these two ladies are for all forms of creative expression of the self. They believe style is about expressing yourself, staying true to your uniqueness, and having fun with clothes — all while
boycotting the damaging fast fashion movement.

These two Darlings are wanting to leave behind a planet (period!) for future generations.