Can I change or cancel my order?

Sorry all sales are final once processed.

Can I pick up my order in store?

Yes, please. 1) we would love to meet you & 2) you will be helping reduce waste and carbon emissions. Just select 'pick up' at check out.


Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately with the state of the world we are not offering international shipping.

What if my order is wrong or faulty?

That is so not cool, and we are more apologetic than Kanye West to Taylor Swift after the 2009 MTV awards *shudder*. Please email us ASAP info@kindlydarling.com 

Why didn't I get a receipt or returns slip with my order?

Because if you are like us, you'll misplace it within 5 minutes. Also it just creates unnecessary waste. That's why we emailed your receipt and order details. Keep it in your inbox and you'll easily be able to locate it. For returns, just email us with your order deets and we'll process it from there. No paper necessary.

Where are you located?

"Just a small town girl" ... if you haven't heard the song, who even are you, Spotify it immediately and thank us later. Our town, Temora, is located in NSW's golden heartland, an area known as the Canola Trail. Want more info so you can visit us - check out Visit Temora

You haven't answered my question...

Awks - email us info@kindlydarling.com