Our Labels

Kindly, Darling was created to help you shop sustainably with ease. We've done the research so you don't have to.

We only stock labels who use eco-friendly fabrics, have ethical work practices, are working towards sustainability in all facets of their business and are transparent with us in all communication.

To find out more about a specific label please head to the "Labels" section in our menu.


We use keep cups for our coffee, bring our lunches in beeswax wraps, sit on second hand chairs, and had our store made from second hand building materials. It's all about minimising our environmental impact at K,D HQ.

When it comes to recycling - our local council does not offer recycling pick up - HORRIFIC, we know (but we're working on it). So we take all our recyclables to depots ourselves. And any compost-able waste goes home with us into our family composts.

WARNING: we are human, so it's always a work in progress. 


All our parcels are sent out in comPOST Packs.

They are Bio-based ie. partly made from PLANTS.
Feel and behave exactly like plastic, EXCEPT when disposed of.
Biodegradable with no toxic residues (or micro-plastics!)

Find out more and check us out on their website here -

Better Packaging Co

Thread Together

We place small orders in the hope that surplus stock will not be an issue, however sometimes what we love, you don't and it just doesn't sell. Rather than donate to already overflowing Op Shops we donate to Thread Together - a social enterprise who aim to deliver new, good quality clothing and shoes to people in our community who are doing it tough. Find out more via their website -

Thread Together

Carbon Neutral

We work with Carbon Neutral to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and restore the environment through mixed native species reforestation. Read more via their website - 

Carbon Neutral